The creatures known as doppelgangers are a race of shapeshifters that can take on the appearance of other humanoids. They are descendants of a people whose name has been lost to history, but who in the Age of Fire had a powerful and far reaching civilization.

Today doppelgangers have no lands or culture to call their own. They live in isolation or hidden among the peoples of other races, either alone or in small groups.

Many doppelgangers find it easy to make a living as spies, assassins, and conmen. They have mild psychic abilities that allow them to glean a creature’s surface thoughts. Few things can cause panic in a town faster than rumors that some of it’s citizens have been replaced by doppelgangers.

The offspring of a doppelganger and another humanoid is called a Changeling. Changelings appear as normal members of it’s non-doppelganger’s parent’s species until it reaches adolescence when its true nature begins to reveal itself.


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