Ettercaps are arachnid like humanoids that often lair in remote forests. They stand at about six feet tall on average, but their hunched posture causes them to appear closer to five feet. Their greyish purple skin is covered in fine hairs, and their white bellies are often distended. They have four eyes and large fangs on their upper jaw. Thier elongated arms and short legs both end in chitinous black claws. The ettercap’s bite is poisonous and can incapacitate large prey.

Ettercaps have abdominal glands that allow them to produce a fine silky web which they use to bind, ensnare or entangle prey. They also regularly tend over swarms of spiders the way a shepherd watches over a flock of sheep. These spiders serve as pets, as well as early warning and defense systems against intruders into their lairs.

While ettercaps are fairly intelligent they have no language and cannot speak. Female ettercaps tend to be more intelligent than males and are often leaders in their communities.

The origins of the ettercap are unknown, though some legends attribute their creation to demonic transformation of mad, spider worshiping druids. Others claim they were once beholden to Lolth but have since strayed from the clutches of the Spider Queen.


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