The harpy is a humanoid creature with an avian lower body and pair of vulture like wings. They are primarily carnivorous and use magical song to lure in prey.

Harpies have the appearance of female humanoids, their hands and feet end in razor sharp talons. They typically wear little to no clothing, though they sometimes wear trinkets taken from murdered prey.

Harpies live in groups of six or more individuals and tend to make their lairs in marshlands or seaside cliffs. Often they will take up near well traveled roads for a steady source of prey. They have little social structure and infighting, sometimes resulting in death, is not uncommon. In cases of fatal infighting harpies have no qualms about feeding on their own kind. Although rare, harpy nests containing over two hundred individuals have been recorded.

There is no physical difference between the sexes of harpies, with males possessing breasts just as the females do. This has led to the widely believed misconception that all harpies are female.


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